Engaged couples may be ready to walk down the aisle and begin their new life together, but first they have to get to the ceremony.

Couples have many options at their disposal regarding transportation on their wedding days. Limousines continue to be popular choices, but other vehicles also may fit your needs. The size of the average wedding party has grown, which means a greater number of people may need a ride to the festivities. But couples also must decide how they will get to and from their ceremonies. Couples who want to arrive in style may want to consider the following options.

If you’re having a lakeside or seaside wedding, taking a water route to your ceremony can make for a dramatic entrance. Vessel options include boats, yachts or something more intimate, such as canoes or rowboats. Afterward, you can coast off into the sunset.

Vintage cars can make a statement. Consider cars that embody your personal style. Rugged couples may want a classic pickup truck, while others may prefer a vintage car.

Moving a large number of people in the wedding party takes forethought. Party buses and SUV limousines can fit a substantial amount of passengers, making them a more cost-effective option for large bridal parties. These vehicles may be equipped with party lights, impressive sound systems and even minibars.

If your ceremony is nearby, arrive on horseback or even peddling a bicycle. Such options are eco-friendly and, in the case of bicycles, may be free.

When booking transportation for you and your wedding guests, remember to do so well in advance. In addition, get all agreements in writing, verify that the company is licensed and insured and provide directions and the itinerary to drivers. This will ensure things go smoothly.

Photo courtesy: ErinWallis.com