The River City Cycling Club is all about riding in Campbell River.

The club boasts recreational riding in the area featuring both road cycling and mountain biking.

The purpose of the club is to promote bicycling as well as encourage and facilitate touring, races, bicycle outings, and all forms of recreational bicycling activities.

The club hosts group rides, trail days, organized rides to other communities, and good times for all. The River City Cycling Club has a unique working relationship with BC Parks land managers and works directly with them for mutual stewardship and maintenance goals of the existing trails that exist in the parks area.

Riding on the Wet Coast

If you have to ride during periods of sustained precipitation, choose trails that are rocky and well drained. The Pumphouse trails are well suited to wet conditions and are underrated for their fun factor.

Check them out if you haven’t been in there in a while. Enjoy the trails, and remember, “Ride, don’t slide!”

Riding Areas

In Campbell River we have three main riding areas, Snowden, Pump House and The Beaver Lodge, and a couple of lesser used areas, Menzies Mt., McIvor Lake and Woods Creek. There are numerous other areas of trails, however most are not bike friendly, either because of terrain or use restrictions. We are fortunate that our trails remain snow free most years except for a couple of weeks mid-winter. In the summer there can be a shortage of water for our four legged riding partners.

It is not uncommon to see deer, elk, bear and occasionally a cougar in any of our riding areas. Please be respectful of the inhabitants and carry out any litter. Also be aware that in most of the Snowden and on Menzies Mountain, help is many hours away in the event of serious injury. In the event of an unrepairable mechanical, the walk out can take hours. Be prepared and ride within your limits!

Snowden Demonstration Forest

This is our largest area with over 100 kms of trails. This is a cross country and all-mountain area, well suited to 5” travel bikes. Although Snowden Forest trail difficulties range from Green Circle to Black Diamond, these trails are not well suited to the absolute beginner rider, as most of the trails are challenging with technical features.

The trails traverse a variety of terrain, from dense forest to open rock bluff with incredible views. Unique to this area is the almost total absence of roads. Most of the trails are signed and marked for the preferred direction of travel, although most can be ridden in the reverse direction by a strong climber. The trails of the Snowden Forest are designated for non-motorized use, so leave the quads at home.

The River City Cycle Club and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts (MoTCA) have signed a Partnership Agreement for the trails in the Snowden Demonstration Forest. This means that the RCCC will provide trail maintenance services and ensure the trails are safe to ride and MoTCA will ensure that the RCCC is included in any recreation decisions that may affect the Snowden Forest.

Snowden is also the home of The Campbell River 50 km Trail Challenge. This annual event features some of the best trails we have to offer and is a test of any rider’s stamina, both physical and mental. Comprised of two loops, the actual loop length is 27km for a total of 54km.

tazride-1Pump House

The Pump House Trail was the first true mountain biker’s area in Campbell River, built by riders for riders. Suitable for the beginner with a little experience, yet with some challenging sections for the more seasoned rider.

Trails are in forest and on open rock bluff, the entire area is within Elk Falls Provincial Park and the trails are recognized by Parks for bike use. A competent rider with a knowledge of these trails could cover them all in a couple hours easily.

The Beaver Lodge

Quite flat and with many of the “trails” built on very old rail grades, this is the area most suitable for the family or complete beginner. A strong rider with area knowledge can ride everything “the Beav” has to offer in a little over an hour. There are a few hidden gems in the “Beav” with technical features that will challenge most riders.

Other Areas

McIvor Lake/Skidmarks. This area comprises mostly intermediate trails.

Woods Creek has a small network of fairly easy trails with little elevation gain.top-of-blt

Woodsman’s Wilderness Trails on Menzies Mountain  are Campbell River’s newest and most remote riding area that contrasts the mountain’s rugged “working forest” character with its pristine subalpine meadows, mountain views and exhilarating descents on the way down.

If you are pedaling up, expect a long, steep and rough access road climb of an hour and half to the start of the trail. The descent is a long XC and technical DH trail from the end of the road access back to the starting point, with some optional but highly recommended trails in the lower elevations, such as Fauxhawk.

The trails vary in difficulty throughout the descent, but riders should be very comfortable with technically difficult DH trails before attempting to ride this remote area. Many riders take over five hours to complete the round trip, however a seasoned rider can complete a loop in half that time.

Woodsman Wilderness Trails are not maintained by the River City Cycle Club. Trail conditions (including snowpack) and hazards will vary with the season. Ride within your limits and at your own risk! (Note: Mohawk will NOT appeal to any but the most skilled and risk tolerant riders.)